On February 27, 1973, the name of the publication Tech News was changed to Newspeak. The name refers to the fictional lanuage of the totalitarian regime of the Party in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. In the novel, Newspeak was to replace Oldspeak (the English language) as the Party conquered the world. Thus, the name Newspeak refers to the staff's effort to produce a more student-centered newspaper, a voice for the campus.

In July 2000, after much constructive commentary and debate between students, faculty and the staff, it was determined that the newspaper would return to its former name. The first paper was published on August 26, 2000, beginning with Volume 65, Issue 1 - the exact sequence where the original Tech News left off. The group continues to call itself the Newspeak Association, as a tribute to the paper that served the campus so well for nearly thirty years.

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