Beirut is the standard drinking game played at WPI apartment parties and fraternity socials. Below are some general rules. There are several variations on these general rules that change depending on whose party you're at. These variations are what make House Rules. Beirut may be referred to as Beer Pong at other universities.

General Rules

Ten Solo cups each are set up at opposite ends of a table. The cups are arranged like bowling pins. Two beers are distributed between one set of ten cups. Each side has one or two players, for a total of two or four for the game.

Each side takes turns tossing ping pong balls in an attempt to land them in the opposing side's cups. It is common for there to be two ping pong balls for each side and two tosses comprise one turn.

When a ping pong ball lands in your cup, you are required to drink its contents. As the cups are emptied, they are removed from the playing field. The winner of the game is the one to remove all the cups from the opposing side. The loser typically finishes the remaining cups on the winner's side as well.

As playing Beirut often results in ping pong balls careening off walls, floors, and partygoers, it is recommended that they be washed occasionally to avoid overly polluting the beer.

House Rules

House Rules vary from apartment to apartment at WPI. They include variations such as:

  • How many cups (commonly: 6, 10, 12, or 6n where - n is the number of players on a given team)
  • How many beers per cup
  • Determining who goes first
  • Determining how ties are broken
  • When to rerack cups
  • Whether or not bouncing of the ping pong balls are allowed
  • Whether or not Defense is permitted
  • Whether or not second chance Rebuttals are allowed
  • Whether or not Roll Backs are in effect
  • What type of distractions are allowed
  • Overkill rules- if one team defeats another by a signifigant amount, the losers have to perform some additional task (such as naked laps around the apartment building)

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