The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department was one of the earliest at WPI. It is currently housed in Kaven Hall. It is (humorously) described by the other engineers as the "study of filling potholes."

Mission Statement

The Civil and Environmental Engineering program at WPI prepares graduates for careers in civil engineering, emphasizing professional practice, civic contribution, and leadership, sustained by active life-long learning. The curriculum combines project based learning environment with a broad background in the fundamental principles of civil engineering. Students have the flexibility to explore various civil engineering disciplines and career opportunities.


Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering department was originally located in Boynton Hall, and stayed there even as other departments moved to other buildings. In 1912, plans were made to build a Civil Engineering building, but the plans were not carried out as there was no way to finance the proposed building. [1]

Over time, the department has changed itself to meet the demands of the world, such as offering a course in Sanitation Engineering when it became neccessary. [2]

Environmental Engineering

Academic Options

Concentrations offered:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Engineering & Project Management
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Structural & Geotechnical Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Urban & Environmental Planning

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