President Parrish addresses the audience during the 2004 Baccalaureate.

The Class of 2004 consisted of 503 students. Commencement ceremonies were held on The Quad on May 22, 2004. Robert P. Moses, a civil rights activist, gave the commencement speech. This was the last graduation ceremony presided over by President Edward Alton Parrish.

The yearbook theme for the Class of 2004 was "Engineering the Future."

Board of Directors


Graduate day for the Class of 2004. The weather was cold and overcast.

The following people make up the Board of Directors for the Class of 2004:

  • Ryan Angilly
  • Crystal Caron
  • Jonathan Casey
  • Jackie Chan
  • David Chiu
  • Anthony Cosenze
  • Sean Coughlin
  • Kari Aldebaran Fletcher
  • J R Johnson
  • Matthew Leahy
  • Megan Lindberg
  • Tony Maietta
  • Laura Matejik
  • Jessica McAlear
  • Nicole McMahon
  • Stephanie Morin
  • Sean O'Rourke
  • Alicia Pierce
  • Ben Privett
  • Christin Reynolds
  • Christain Roy
  • Katrina Salamon
  • Lisa Sasur
  • Michael Schwartz
  • Jessica Sexton
  • Smriti Shrestha
  • Madeline Sola
  • Darren Torpey
  • Sarah Walsh
  • Jennifer Williams
  • Kate Youmans

Office of the President