Manufacturing Engineering is the oldest discipline at WPI.

Areas of Study

Manufacturing Engineering (MFE) is a multidisciplinary program with courses available in manufacturing, industrial, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, as well as management and computer science. Students may focus in a specific area of interest (robotics, CAD/CAM, artificial intelligence, materials processing, etc.) or stay broad with interdisciplinary interests. The MFE department is also currently developing an emphasis in "clean manufacturing" to address the environmental issues in the manufacturing industry.

Mission Statement

To provide outstanding educational opportunities in Manufacturing Engineering, fulfilling industry needs and students' visions, supported by excellent faculty, staff, facilities, projects, and research.

Manufacturing engineers are the "integrators" of all the disciplines and the "problem solvers" in today's global manufacturing economy. Therefore, the faculty at WPI work closely with the students to help them learn the skills of problem definition, problem solution and solution implementation through our hands-on program of study.

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