ParkingBan is an intelligent agent responsible for delivering news, weather alerts, and winter parking ban status information for Worcester, Massachusetts. To remain informed of this information, ParkingBan will deliver content to users via e-mail, text messaging, AOL Instant Messenger (screen name ParkingBan, and its Web site.

ParkingBan was originally created by Adam Epstein, and during Frontiers 2005, the idea of making it automated was introduced by Mike Terranova. It became an automated AIMbot in October 2005. Since then ParkingBan has had many enhancements and feature improvements.

ParkingBan has received support from the City of Worcester Department of Public Works and Parks, and most recently its creators were invited to present to the Committee on Traffic and Parking of the Worcester City Council about the system and its features.

Users may send an instant message (via AIM or equivalent) to ParkingBan. They will be prompted for some information about themselves. Following completion of the information gathering steps, users may talk to ParkingBan or wait for it to alert them of a declared parking ban.

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