Originally intended as "filler" to fill space in Newspeak, Philler quickly became one of the student newspaper's most popular semi-weekly columns. Between 1993 and 2002, many articles were published by "Laurel" and "Guinevere", pseudonyms for Troy B. Thompson and Nick Conti. Philler topics ranged from trying to figure out why the time on WPI's two logos was different to the campus squirrel population. The articles would often feature Really-Long-Acronyms-That-Were-Amusing-But-Never-Used-Again (R.L.A.T.W.A.B.N.U.A.). An article published on April 4, 1995 was entirely one single acronym.

Philler Phridays

In early 1995, the Philler crew hosted a radio show on WPIR called "Philler Phridays". During C Term, it could be found from 6 to 8am every Friday. In D Term, it moved to the 4 to 6pm slot on Mondays. Each week, the Philler crew would introduce a new "Philler theme song" which were parodies of existing TV theme songs.

Philler Phun Phind

On April 25, 1995, Laurel and Guinevere made their first public appearance during Quadfest III: Toucan Jam to host a scavenger hunt and judge the sandcastle contest.

Philler Phan Club

Anyone who wrote to Philler and had a letter published became a member of the Philler Phan Club. Most members received a Phan Club membership certificate. There were 48 members at the end of Philler's run.

In an article dated March 21, 1995, one member received a special title: Official Senior Vice President to the Philler Phan Club, (Ph)Division 42, Supreme Chaser of Chickens and Other Clothing Items, and Managerial-Yelling-Type-Person in Charge of Insuring the Proper Escape Velocity of Wolves and All Other WPI Pests (O. S. V. P. T. T. P. P. C. P. 4. 2. S. C. O. C. A. O. C. I. A. M. Y. T. P. I. C. O. I. T. P. E. V. O. W. A. A. O. W. P. I. P)

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