Price Chopper is a 24/7 grocery store located within a mile of WPI at the corner of Park Ave and Highland St. Its reasonable prices and ideal location make it extremely popular among WPI students. It is traditionally visited at rather strange hours.

Price Chopper is an integral part of every WPI student's life, and has actually become a part of the culture of the school.

As students move off campus and begin to bring cars to school with them, it has become increasingly likely (since A-Term 2004) that they may frequent the Shaw's between Gold Star Boulevard and Grove Street more often than Price Chopper.

Alternate Names

  • Chopper
  • PC
  • The Choppah
  • The P-Chopper
  • Rice Chopper (when the P light is out)
  • Ghetto Chopper

Prior to being purchased and renamed, the store was known as The Big D and had a number of colorful nicknames.