Quadfest is a massive campus unity event entirely conceived, organized and run by an independent group of students. The event takes place annually. It is run by the SocComm Annual Events committee and is held the same week as Project Presentation day. Previous to Quadfest X, it was run by an independent group of students and not directly affiliated with any campus organization. The goal was to bring together the entire campus, giving all organizations equal voice and representation.

Previous Quadfests

  1. 1993: Quadfest I: The Search for the Missing Tower / Carpe Quad
  2. 1994: Quadfest II: Signs of Summer / NSCRT
  3. 1995: Quadfest III: Toucan Jam!
  4. 1996: Quadfest IV: Find Your Fourtune
  5. 1997: Quadfest V: QuadHazzard / HAZMAT
  6. 1998: Quadfest VI: Mardi Gras
  7. 1999: Quadfest VII: The Year of the 7!
  8. 2000: Quadfest VIII: Kwadfest: No Frills, Just Fun!
  9. 2001: Quadfest IX: Sesame Street
  10. 2002: Quadfest X: The Fun is Out There
  11. 2003: Quadfest XI: Quadfest 2003
  12. 2004: Quadfest XII: Under Construction
  13. 2005: Quadfest XIII: Coming of Age
  14. 2006: Quadfest XIV: Most eXtreme Quadfest
  15. 2007: Quadfest XV: Spies
  16. 2008: Quadfest XVI: Pirates
  17. 2009: Quadfest XVII: Quadfest Goes Green
  18. 2010: Quadfest XVIII: To Quadfest and Beyond!
  19. 2011: Quadfest XIX: Around the World

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