The WPI Seal in Boynton Hall

The official WPI Seal features many symbols relating to the university and Worcester. Its use is highly restricted in university publications and applications. A modified seal, seen on many university publications and letterheads, is always accompanied by the letters "WPI," while the official seal stands alone, only used in communications of a presidential nature.

  • The date of founding (1865) in Roman numerals. The modified seal uses Arabic numerals.
  • The university motto, lehr und kunst
  • The heart from the City of Worcester crest, symbolizing Worcester as the "Heart of the Commonwealth" of Massachusetts
  • Two open books, representing "theory"
  • The arm and hammer from Washburn Shops, representing "practice"

The need for a seal was first identified as early as 1884. Professor Alonzo S. Kimball's design was among many submitted by students, and his was ultimately chosen and adopted in June, 1888.

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